In 2017, Minimalogik received the GMP+ B4 Certificate, which confirms compliance of our company with its requirements. The GMP+ standard includes requirements for a food safety management system at all stages of the food chain, starting with production and finishing by transportation. The GMP + B4 certificate is the standard for feed safety management in the field of transportation.

The basic principle of the GMP + B4 includes the trade of the cargo with respect for humans, animals and the environment.

Certification of Your partner gives you a guarantee of high quality of its work, confirmed by an independent European association. What should a certified freight forwarder / carrier perform in addition to the main contractual obligations?

1. The carrier has an increased responsibility for the safety of feed in the process of its transportation. Certified carrier can also demonstrate the compliance of the quality of its services with this standard to third parties.

2. The carrier always has the most complete and "fresh" information concerning the feed handling, which improves the quality of service and simplifies relations with its partners.

3. The Forwarder / Carrier must confirm compliance with the requirements of the standard regularly(at least once a year), which guarantees the maintenance of high level of service for a long period.

4. During the certification process, not only technical aspects of the carrier's activities are subject to inspection, but also the level of competence of the company's employees , which ensures a high level of service at all stages of transportation.

In general, the presence of a certified freight forwarder / carrier simplifies relations between partners, minimizes risks and provides additional guarantees of safety during transportation. Hereby all these components ensure high quality of the final product.

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